There's Something New at Wolf Gap.  The biggest news is
the completion of our Events Patio located near the Winery.  
This patio will be used for all kinds of events such as
weddings and reunions.  Call us for a chance to hold your
next event overlooking the valley!
We provide the patio for reunions and other events involving
medium-sized (20-150) groups of people.  If you missed the
Grand Opening, come out and take a look around while
enjoying a glass of delicious Wolf Gap Wine.  And consider us
when planning your next group event.

This Sept and Oct we invite you to come out and help out
with this year's harvest  Later in the afternoon we will sit
around the deck, sipping samples from last year's vintage.  If
you are interested in volunteering for a Saturday's harvest
activity, We will let you know by email when we have firm
dates for our harvest.

Wolf Gap Willie
and Disco Diane

P.S.  What's wrong with this picture?
Wolf Gap Vineyard and Winery
Sunset viewed
from the new
Events Patio
You're not in it!
Wolf Gap Vineyard
Events Patio
Grape Harvest
Wolf Gap Events patio can acomodate 150 persons for weddings or receptions.
The Lucky Couple awaits the magic moment on the "vows" perch on the events patio.

This is What's
Happenin' at Wolf
Gap Vineyard
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

You calling us liars?
Gracie......Just moments after HANO parachute jump.  
HANO: High Altitude No Opening
Bentley,  moments after a partial success in jumping through a lampshade.
Bentley, pretending to be asleep.
Gracie, pretending to be a pillow.
Bentley getting ready to perform
his first parachute jump.  Gracie
trying to convince him it's more
fun without a chute.
We are
Located at:
We are
Located at:
123 Stout Road,
Edinburg, VA  22824

Hours of Operation:

Fri thru Mon 12-7 pm

Dec - Mar:
Sat and Sun 12-5 pm
also Monday holidays

Call to purchase wine
at other times.

For inquiries call us:
540-984-3306 or