Wolf Gap Vineyard                                                 - For Sale -
Edinburg, VA 22824
YES!  Wolf Gap Vineyard is for sale!

We (Wolf Gap Willie and Diane) are ready to turn over the Vineyard and
Winery to someone younger and more energetic.  While we have loved
every minute of our 14+ years here, we have to admit we are just getting
too old and too slow to keep up.  We are ready to let YOU have it!

The purpose of this webpage is to give you, the prospective buyer,some
straight talk and supporting photos to help you decide if you are the right
person for the operation.
Do you like wine?
Do you like people?
Do you want to work for yourself?
Do you want to wake up with the feeling of accomplishment?
If you answered those four questions affirmatively, you might be the
one to take over from us.
We are offering our 30+acre estate which includes our vineyard, winery,
residence and supporting storage building in the deal.  We are also throwing
in all the equipment, vehicles, tanks, barrels, and other stuff that make the
business go.  We are asking a mere $1
.9 million for the whole shebang.  
Lock, stock and barrels.  
Think of it: Home, Winery, tasting room, inventory,
barn, vehicles, tools,  vineyard, field equipment, ponds, vines, orchard, hiking
trail, million dollar view, etc.
Do the math. It's a bargain.
You don't know anything about growing grapes or making wine?
Not a problem.  We didn't either when we started planning in 2003.  But we
have learned a lot since then.  If you wish, we will train you and stay on to work
side-by-side with you while you learn the operation.
We have already done the hard part:
*establishing the vineyard (over 3500 vines)
*creating and promoting the Wolf Gap brand
*creating the customer base
*developing the infrastructure
*producing and maintaining the wine inventory
Questions?   Contact us at admin@wolfgapvineyard.com or 540-984-3375
If you are interested in knowing more, just click on the brick patio below.
4300 sq ft residence
1000 sq ft Events Patio
Winery &
Tasting Roo
Storage Barn