Wolf Gap Vineyard and Winery
Looking back: Photos from
our fourth year of serving
you fine wine.
Wolf Gap Lovers Enjoying a
Bluegrass concert on the
Events Patio
Doin' it on the patio with
Wolf Gap Willie's wines..
Hmmm,  That looks like fun,
doesn't it.........
Look at this lovely
group of
beauties enjoying the
fruits of vineyard
labor with our
founding "lobo"
looking on.
New look at Wolf Gap Winery with
brick arches under front deck.
Newlyweds steal a kiss at the
new events patio at Wolf Gap
Wolf Gap Willie and Dingo
Diane enjoying the "good
life" at Wolf Gap Vineyard
Enjoying the good view at
Wolf Gap Vineyard
Lobo Loco II
Enjoying the good
company at Wolf Gap
Enjoying the
good times at
Wolf Gap
Harrisonburgers enjoying the great view
and wine at Wolf Gap Vineyard
Enjoying the family at Wolf
Gap Vineyard
Enjoying the sunset at
Wolf Gap Vineyard
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Pleasant evening sunsets are a regular feature at Wolf
Gap Vineyard.  Check it out some Friday evening.
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