Can you believe it?  We are beginning our 11th year
growing grapes and making wines at our wine
producing complex that overlooks the Great North
Mountains and Wolf Gap, a geographical feature in
that mountain chain.  With this in mind, we created a
video with some highlights of our vineyard and
winery.  After giving it a few seconds to "load",
enjoy our video of  events at Wolf Gap Vineyard:

IT'S HISTORY:  Now, ten years after we began operations by
planting our vines and making a few barrels of wine in 2005,
we have realigned our wine tasting selection.

You may remember when we blended the Reserve
Chambourcin and Reserve Cab Franc from 2005 to create the
now-famous  Mariage, a delicious, dark red, Bordeaux-style
blend.  Well, it's back with our 2010 vintage after aging over
five years.  


2010 Chambourcin  (silver medal winner)
2011 Cabernet Franc
2011 Cabernet Sauvignon (gold medal winner)

You'll not be surprised to hear that we are running low on our
memorable 2011 Chardonnay, made with just a hint of oak,
featuring a crisp taste that enhances the delicious fruit of the
grape.  The good news is that we have enough to get us
through the holidays, so come on out and get your bottle of the
exceptional, award winning Chardonnay.

For those of you who favor sweeter wines, we have three
semi-sweet wines to satisfy your cravings.  In addition to our
famous semi-sweet Blueberry wine are the following:
Lobo Loco - a delicious rosé with fruity finish
Chambourcin Bleu - A semi-sweet bold red with hints of
blueberry.  Wolf Gap Willie says this is the Perfect Summer

On your next visit to Wolf Gap Vineyard, we look forward to
showcasing our newest fine wines, all  produced here at Wolf
Gap winery in the Shenandoah Valley.  We also give tours of
the winery and vineyard for those who would like to learn
more about how the grapes are grown and the wine is made.  
Most of all, we want to provide you with a wine tasting to
acquaint you with all of the different wines we produce here
at Wolf Gap.  In the meantime, please call or email us and we
will set up a private cellar tasting and tour at a time
convenient to you.  Our winery phone number is
 Wolf Gap Willie's cell phone is (540) 325-3942.  
Call and wake him up!

If you would like to order some of our wines to be shipped to
your home follow
this link.
Welcome, Check out our New Wines for 2015!
Wolf Gap Vineyard and Winery


Tasting Room Etiquette

In case you are
interested, Wayne and
Kathy Sullivan of
Trail Traveler
written a very helpful
piece on Wine Tasting
Etiquette.  Here is the
link to the article:

Tasting Room Etiquette
Nominations for Winery
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Bentley, in typical Beagle
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We are
Located at:
123 Stout Road,
Edinburg, VA  22824

Hours of Operation:

Nov-Mar:  Tasting
room is open Sat-Sun  
Also Open Black Friday
12 - 5 pm.  
Call ahead to
purchase wines at
other times

Apr-Oct:  Tasting room
is open
Fri thru Mon 12-7 pm
Call ahead to
purchase wine at
other times.
For inquiries call us:
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