Our Wines

2015 Viognier-Traminette.  This delightful
blend of European-style, light-bodied white
wines produced a delicate white wine bursting
with fruit and floral components, easily sipped
as an appetizer or later with a dinner of fish or
chicken.  You will keep coming back for this
fruity blend.  The nose will drive you to drink.

2010 Chambourcin LIMITED RESERVE.   
Aged six years.  This smooth, delicate
full-bodied red wine may be the most delicious
red wine we have made for you to date.  
Come out and taste for yourself.  You will
discover delicate red fruit flavors and a smooth
peppery finish that will make you want to
reach for a T-bone.  Stock up....only 8 cases

2011 Chambourcin RESERVE.  Just released!  
This rich, ruby red wine will pair with your
favorite steak or game.  Aged five years, this
exquisite wine is ready to adorn any table.  
Come out now and taste this recent addition
to our Red Wine inventory.

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon RESERVE.  An
extremely bold, intense red with plum and
cherry flavors.
One of the best red wines you
will ever taste.  Very intense, concentrated
and complex.  At least according to Wolf Gap
Willie.  Come out and taste this extremely
bold, full-bodied red.

2011 Cabernet Franc.  WOW!  Wolf Gap
Willie says this is better than the near-perfect
2007 Cab Franc.  Full bodied with an intense
cherry and plum base and classic peppery
finish.  Come out and have a glass and tell us
if YOU think it is better than the award winning
2007 vintage.  Now a
limited   Reserve (less
than 3 cases remaining).

The 2010 Mariage LIMITED RESERVE is
mind-boggling good, after aging one year in
oak and five more years in the cellar.  This
full-bodied blend of 2010 Estate Chambourcin
and 2010 Cab Franc is a now available for
sale in the tasting room.  This is so smooth.  
Reminiscent of the 2007 Mariage.

2011 Mariage Reserve.   We again blended
our chambourcin and cab franc from 2011 into
this traditional Bordeaux-style red blend.  
Perfectly balanced and extremely complex, you
can't go wrong serving this extra-ordinary wine
to your most discerning guest.  Or keep it all to
yourself.  Wolf Gap Willie does!

Chambourcin Bleu - this unique red wine is
bursting with lush textures of bold dark fruit
flavors with a hint of sweetness.  Boasts a hint
of blueberry.  Will pair well with a rack of lamb
or your favorite chocolate dessert.   This wine
is in the tasting room NOW.

Lobo Loco  After selling out the 2014 Lobo
Loco in record time, Willie made another batch
and it has just been released.  He says it is
even better than the first release.  Made from
select reds and whites, this pink nectar will
blow you away with its complex fruit flavors
and delicate balance of citrus and sweetness.  
Slightly sweet, this wine is the perfect wine for
a picnic, tailgating party, or paired with pizza.   
Only 40 cases  remaining.  

2011 Chardonnay Limited RESERVE-
Finished in stainless steel with a handful of
French Oak chips to give it that "hint" of
oakiness.  Also, lightly buttery.  Very rich aged
Chardonnay.  Sorry.  Almost sold out. Six
cases left.  Limit six bottles per customer.  But
don't worry if you don't get out here in time.  
We will have our 2016 chardonnay ready to
taste in the Spring of 2017.

2015 Semi-Sweet Traminette is a knock-off
of the German Gewurtztraminer.  Swimming
with bold spice and a citrus finish.  Wolf Gap
Willie says this is the best vintage of this wine
to date.  It will take you back to Germany with
one taste.  Pair with German or Italian food.  
Or share with a nice German.

Yummy Blueberry Wine!  There have been so
many requests for a semi-sweet fruit wine
that Wolf Gap Willie finally relented and made
a batch of yummy wine from the 2010
blueberry crop.  Not too sweet, not too tart,
this delicate fruit wine is the perfect start.....
for an afternoon sip or after dinner gulp.   We
just bottled and labeled the 10th batch of this
delicious wine.  Come out NOW for a taste
before Willie confiscates it all for his private
cellar.  (Not to worry.........the response to the
first batch was so great, Willie made a second
batch and then a third batch, and now the
10th batch.)  After the initial customer
response, Willie wanted to make this a regular
feature in the Wolf Gap wine line up.  You will
not soon forget this delicious wine.  Made
100% from wild Maine blueberries.

Wolf Gap Willie's
factoid of the day:
There are 12 square
compartments in each
wine case.  There are
12 varieties of WolfGap
I think NOT!
Mix and Match a case
and save 10% or more.
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