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The Wolf Gap inventory currently includes vintage bottles of rich reds including Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin and Mariage, a Bordeaux-style blend. Our white wine lineup currently features an exciting 50-50 Viognier-Traminette blend, a semi-sweet Traminette and a succulent Chardonnay. You must also try our Chambourcin Bleu, a delicious semi-sweet “summer red”, then there’s Lobo Loco, a semi-sweet rosé and finally a yummy, semi-sweet blueberry wine.


This delightful blend of European-style, light-bodied white wine produces a delicate burst of fruit and floral components.  

Chambourcin Bleu

This unique red wine is bursting with lush textures of bold dark fruit flavors with a hint of blueberry. 

Semi-Sweet Traminette

A unique, semi-sweet white wine that exudes notes of citrus.


Our flagship white wine is crisp, as it boasts of apple and pear flavors and just a hint of oak.

Cabernet Franc

A full-bodied red wine with notes of fruit and a peppery finish.


Our award-winning 2017 Chambourcin took home a Gold Medal in the 2021 Shenandoah’s Cup and has just been made available for purchase by the bottle. This French-American hybrid is a dark, rich red wine that has highlights of black cherry with a smoky finish.

Mariage Reserve

 A Bordeaux style blend that is balanced, yet complex.  This fan favorite is the perfect combination of our Chambourcin & Cabernet Franc. 

Lobo Loco

 A crisp, proprietary blend of our red and white wines, this subtle Rose is an anytime favorite.     

Blueberry Wine

 This sought after sweet wine quickly became a best seller. One small batch turned into regular production. 

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