About US
Founded in 2004 by Willard and Diane Elledge, the Wolf
Gap Vineyard and Winery is a 48-acre estate located in
the Shenandoah Valley with spectacular views of the
Great North Mountains from the wine-tasting deck.  
Perched on a ridge, the deck offers valley and mountain
views including Wolf Gap, the geographical feature from
which the vineyard takes its name.

Grape and Wine Production
The folks at Wolf Gap Vineyard are dedicated to
growing hand nurtured, pristine grapes to produce the
best quality wine possible year in and year out.  We
have chosen to make small batches of wine in order to
provide the care and attention needed to produce truly
superior wines rarely found in larger, mass-production

The Wolf Gap inventory currently includes vintage
bottles of rich reds including  Cabernet Sauvignon,
Cabernet Franc,  Chambourcin and Mariage, a
Bordeaux-style blend.  Our white wine lineup currently
features an exciting 50-50 Viognier-Traminette blend, a
semi-sweet Traminette and a succulent Chardonnay.  
We also have a delicious semi-sweet rosé and a yummy
semi-sweet blueberry wine.  For a complete listing just
click on the "Wolf Gap Wines" tab (upper left).  

Tasting Room Hours:  From April through Nov we are
open for tastings from
12 noon until 7 p.m. Friday
thru Monday.
During Winter (Dec through Mar) the tasting room is
open on weekends from 12 to 5pm  but you can usually
purchase wine during the week by calling ahead.

Besides wine tastings, we will make ourselves available
at your convenience for
private tours and tastings
that will give you an exclusive look at our facility.  We
ask only that you call ahead: (540) 984-3306 or email
us at  
admin@wolfgapvineyard.com  so that we may
prepare for your visit.

= = = = = Bulletins = = = = =

The Blueberry wine is still here!   
We have made the
yummy blueberry wine a continuing event here at Wolf
Gap.  It is so popular we decided to make it a
permanent item. We make this delicious semi-sweet
fruit wine 100% from whole, wild blueberries.  Believe
me, it's hard work making wine out of whole
blueberries, but it is worth it.  Come out and try a sip of
this yummy wine. Caution, it's
severe blueberry.

2015 Traminette and Viognier grape production
was again blended to create a delicious, fruity white
wine that is pleasant to the nose and exciting to the
tongue.  This semi-dry, Alsatian-style, white will delight
all varieties of wine lovers.  Some say it's better than
the award winning 2011 vintage.  We made a lot, so
come out and pick up a case.

= = = = = =  New Release = = = = = =

For those of you who have been following the
development of our 2011 Chambourcin and 2011
Mariage, these wines are now available in the
tasting room after resting in the Wolf Gap cellar
for six years.  This is the best of the best and there
less than 100 cases of each varietal, first released
in Oct of 2016.  Come out now and taste these
delicious Bordeaux reds.  
Wolf Gap Vineyard and Winery

Tasting Room Etiquette

In case you are
interested, Wayne and
Kathy Sullivan of
Trail Traveler
written a very helpful
piece on Wine Tasting
Etiquette.  Here is the
link to the article:

Tasting Room Etiquette
Two Satisfied Customers
after tasting the
Cabernet Sauvignon and joining "the Pack."
We are
Located at:
We are
Located at:
123 Stout Road,
Edinburg, VA  22824

Hours of Operation:

Fri thru Mon 12-7 pm

Dec - Feb:
Sat and Sun 12-5 pm
also Monday holidays

Call to purchase wine
at other times.

For inquiries call us:
540-984-3306 or